BML is a place where you can find producing beer in small quantities with purely artisan techniques. Use ingredients that come from organic cultivations and leave the necessary time for the beer to refer and mature.

Bringing brand growth to BML through Website

The new brand packaging references the monogram, graphic design style. This unique monkey mascot is eye-catching and really help to identify the beer brand, the silhouette and stories highlight the unique products and reinforce overall brand recognition. The mascot with monogram design approach went against the current trend of highly stylized artwork and created complete differentiation on the shelf. To add personality, we worked closely with the client on beer-branding that enhanced the storytelling while remaining unique, fun and approachable.

The design strategy is intentionally very modular and thought was given early in the process to it’s applications in apparel, advertising, digital and social media. Momentum really started to build as the BML’s staff were engaged in the process, providing key insights and reflecting excitement for the energized brand. It was happy to see how proud they were of their beer and we knew then that the brewery’s long standing heritage with the new brand was a success. In the end, we designed a website as per client’s requirements and he was more than satisfied with the positive results that the website ensured.

After a lot of thinking and sketching, we came to the above end result. Jerry at Jerry’s Construction & Planning got a new logo and we got yet another satisfied customer to our customer base.


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